Water play

AquaGather Station

AgesAll Ages

Start building your own imaginative water play area with this interactive water table. The central bubbler pushes water up to form a pool that overflows onto components below (sold separately). Water can be controlled from each corner, giving kids complete power over the water flow—where it goes, even how fast or slow it flows. This unique hexagon-shaped play area makes room for kids of all abilities to socialize and discover the many possibilities of cause and effect in cooperative water play.

Product Details

Material Options: AquaGather

Station Dimensions: 5' 11" x 5' 11" x 3' 4" (1,56 x 1,56 x 1,03 m)

Splash Zone: 12' 0" Dia. (3,22 m Dia.)

Standard Flow Rate: 10 GPM

37.85 LPM

PSI: 10