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Arches Bike Rack - Triple
Model #185653

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Component Overview

Part of the Designer Collection, the Arches Bike Rack–Triple together with the Arches Bench, Arches Recycling Receptacle and Arches Litter Receptacle are the ideal complements to our Evos® and Weevos® playsystems and other playgrounds with modern styling. The Arches Bike Rack is available as a Triple configuration (shown here) or as single arches (Arches Bike Rack–Single) to configure any way you want.

Product Details


  • Durable, ProShield®-finished, galvanized steel, overlapping arches
  • Set configuration of three arches; 2 small arches and 1 large arch


  • Height: Small 27-3/16" (0,04 m); Large 35-3/16" (0,06 m)

Shipping Weight:  71 lbs

Design/CAD Files

All About Color: 

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