Motion & More Fun

We-Go-Round® with Perforated Panels
Model #248819

Ages5 years+

Component Overview

Bringing kids of all abilities together, the We-Go-Round® is fully wheelchair accessible and promotes fun interaction by having all users face each other. It can be turned from the inside or outside, allowing everyone to participate in the fun.

Product Details


  • Base is flush with surrounding surfacing for easy wheelchair roll-on
  • Available with two or three benches, leaving ample room for wheelchairs
  • All users face the center for better interaction and inclusion
  • Handhold on center post allows users to participate in the movement
  • Integrated speed control for fun, yet safe, rotation
  • All working mechanisms above grade for easy maintenance
  • Roof provides shade while playing, and is made from durable, UV-stable rotomolded polyethylene in your choice of color
  • Choice of ProShield® colors for post and frame
  • Choice of Permalene® color for benches and handhold
  • Also available with DigiFuse® side panels in a variety of themes (model #249558)
  • Also available in HDG (model #251036 or model #251037)
  • Direct bury only, requiring a footing 42" deep and 48" square
  • U.S. Patent pending```

Developmental Benefits

  • Sensory: Proprioception, Vestibular+
  • Motor Skills: Balance, Core Body Strength, Lower Body Strength, Upper Body Strength
  • Cognitive Skills: Problem Solving
  • Social/Emotional Skills: Cooperation, Imaginative Play, Social Skill Development


  • Max Fall Height: 40" (1,02 m)
  • Min Area Required: 20' 10" (6,35 m) diameter

Design/CAD Files

All About Color

Color is an important decision, and our products are available in many color options. Contact your consultant to find the colors available for this component.