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Ship Mast Full Sail w/Crowsnest
Model #176972

Ages5 to 12 years

Component Overview

Sail to the high seas with the Ship Mast with Full Sail with a Crows Nest. Perfect for a ship-themed playstructure.

Product Details


  • Coordinates with other ship-theme components
  • Crows nest made of 100% recycled high-density polyethylene, cedar in color
  • Sail attaches to 5" post and can be incorporated into any PlayBooster® playstructure
  • Sail made from ProShield®-finished steel with staggered hole perforations to let the weather through

Developmental Benefits

  • Sensory: Visual
  • Social/Emotional Skills: Imaginative Play

Design/CAD Files

  • Downloads are not available for individual components.

All About Color

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