Motion & More Fun

Flywheel® Spinner
Model #185927

Ages5 to 12 years

Component Overview

This multi-user spinner invites kids to hang on and play together, providing social interaction, along with vestibular stimulation.

Product Details


  • Accommodates up to 5 kids
  • Compact way to add the spinning motion kids need
  • Design ensures safety by limiting the number of kids that can participate at once
  • Cover is 47-1/2" in diameter and is made of durable, color fast, vibrant polyethylene
  • Set at a 5-degree angle to aid momentum

Developmental Benefits

  • Sensory: Proprioception, Tactile, Vestibular+
  • Motor Skills: Agility, Coordination, Core Body Strength, Flexibility, Motor Planning, Upper Body Strength
  • Cognitive Skills: Problem Solving
  • Social/Emotional Skills: Cooperation, Social Skill Development


  • Max Fall Height: 74" (1,88 m)
  • Min Area Required: 22' (6,71 m) diameter

Design/CAD Files

All About Color

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