Motion & More Fun

Bongo and Alphamaze Panel™
Model #173715

Ages2 to 5 Years

Component Overview

The Bongo and Alphamaze Panel® offers a bit of everything to kids ages 2 to 5. The bongo tones provide auditory stimulation while the Alphamaze offers tactile fun.

Product Details


  • Made from durable Permalene® and color-fast polyethylene
  • Framed and attached to Weevos® arches in your choice of ProShield® color

Developmental Benefits

  • Sensory: Auditory, Proprioception, Tactile, Visual
  • Motor Skills: Eye-Hand Coordination, Fine Motor, Motor Planning
  • Cognitive Skills: Problem Solving, Strategic Thinking
  • Social/Emotional Skills: Cooperation, Imaginative Play, Social Skill Development

Design/CAD Files

  • Downloads are not available for individual components.

All About Color

Color is an important decision, and our products are available in many color options. Contact your consultant to find the colors available for this component.